Friday, July 20, 2018

Hi all,
     It has been a long long while since I posted anything here. I decided to revive this old blog page because I have a couple friend that do not use social media and there are things I would like to share with them. This way, I can share links via their email and they don't have to get bogged down in the whooha of the social media swamp.

Anyhow, If you would like to subscribe to the blog, feel free.

I will be updating some of the bio stuff to bring it more current.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mohn family garden


Well, just more than a month ago I planted a handful of seeds in one of those “Jiffy window sill
starter kits” that I purchased from The Home Depot. This thing uses dehydrated peat pellets (just add water) to germinated your seeds and house them until they are ready to transplant into your garden. It started out well enough. However, being my first endeavor with planting from seeds (gardening period) I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. I followed the directions to the letter, but not all of my seedlings made it through to today. The cabbage and Brussels sprouts made a good showing followed by the cauliflower. The turnips did not make it at all. In all, I came out with 11 of the 24 I started with. I am not sure why, but it seems they grew too fast. They grew tall…fast, and the stems would not support the weight of the leaves. You will notice I added some support stakes in the new peat pots. The reason I chose to go into peat pots rather than planting
outside is simply weather related. We are not quite warm enough up here to start putting stuff outside. Also, (in my amateur opinion) they needed more room for root growth in order to stabilize themselves.

When I was getting the peat pots, I also bought some new pellets and corn seed. While clearing
out the mini greenhouse and getting all of the seedlings transplanted into new pots, I started rehydrating the new pellets and getting ready for round two. This time around I did 6 more turnip pellets, 6 more cauliflower pellets, and 12 corn pellets.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mohn Family Garden

Today I have started the garden. I was originally going to build 4’x4’ boxes to plant in. But, a nicer more aesthetic idea popped in to my head recently. I am going to plant in wine barrel halves. I eventually will have a whole garden full of the barrel halves, both horizontal and vertically split barrel filled with yummy veggies. And with them, some crushed gravel walk ways and a water feature…possibly a small pond with a water fall. We’ll see how it grows…pun intended.
I started by sewing some seeds in a store bought mini window sill greenhouse designed to germinate seeds. I started with Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, and purple top turnips.

All starting to sprout nicely,

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Your Tax Dollars At Work

I put a post on my Face Book page the other day and boy did I stir the stink pot with it. The original post was this:

"Some of you might think I am being an ass, but why do We...The U.S. have to lead the efforts to save Haiti again? Where is the all mighty U.N.? Sure it is a sad thing what happened to then, but it is also sad for all those is Humboldt county California. They are going through a similar thing and no fund raisers for them."

And with that came the comments. Which is why I post to Face Book. I speak my mind and others follow suit. Sometimes with me, sometimes against me, and on some rare occasions with and against at the same time. If I get a good thread going I will paraphrase and post it on my blog. In this case there were too many good points to just paraphrase a blog post, so I am putting the good stuff together in order as best I can, and sharing it with all of you.

After the original post I left for work and came back to a couple of my FB friends just going at each other. That was not my intent, but it was a healthy exchange. Both of them were able to speak up and say their piece, and are still doing so as I write this piece. CMH started off with:

"I understand what you are saying completely, however there is no place in America where people are enduring what the Haitians are. It is the humanitarian thing to do, that's all. Those are the things that make Americans set apart from others. We have soup kitchens and housing across our nation, granted not enough, but many homeless choose to not participate in those offerings. I am proud of America in their efforts."


"not making efforts to help them is not humane. If we had family or friends in Haiti we would not feel so strongly against the efforts. They need food and water and Meds.. New diseases could start and get very devastating over there and they would make their way to the US. We certainly don't need that either. "

Had I been able to post right then I would have replied; I am not against efforts to aid them. I am against MY tax dollars going there and not staying here. As I mentioned in the original post there was a 6.5 earthquake in Humboldt county just days before the one in Haiti. No one came rushing to help them and they live right here. At first word in the global media of the Haiti quake, half of Hollywood gathered millions of dollars and rushed half way across the world to help. Where were they three days earlier when people in their own state were devastated by an earthquake only .5 less than the Haiti quake?

ST was available to comment and said:

"I'm sorry if this offends, but, no hungry people choose to starve, no sick people choose to have no medicines, no homeless people choose to live on the street. It is circumstances whether illness, poor luck etc. that cause huge amounts of people in the united states to suffer. I understand where you are coming from Robbie about Haiti, we give because we as a people are humanitarian but we also turn a blind eye to those who suffer across our own country...when you give to those who starve here you don't get the tax breaks either. There is always an underlining selfishness that comes with the generosity of Americans. ..... In my opinion yes we should help Haiti, but also we should allow the UN to run it, that is what they are for!" From there it turned into a battle between CMS and ST about the homeless. In the midst of that feud a few others chimed in about the Haiti thing.

TD said: "I asked the same question this morning... My son and I talked about it this afternoon... it seems to me that with the economy the way it is and the state of our county we would be worried more about the US... although it is a terrible what happened over there, this Country is in serious trouble also and we should be focused here..."

BC wrote: "I've been wondering this for two days. Did someone forget about hungry Americans?"

and JB wrote: "I wonder that every time I see the foreign aid budget. Why send billions to other countries with all the "needy" here at home?"

It seems to me there was quite a bit of anger in the thread. Most of it misplaced. We should not be angry with each other, but more so at the people who cause our passions to rare up in this way. And that is the key word here...passion. We are all very passionate about our point of view, and rightly so. But there is no need to turn on each other. This turned into a "Homeless" issue, and this is not just about homeless adults that standing around a burn barrel smoking and drinking. This is about displaced families all over the country that are cast aside and looked over to feed and rebuild other countries. It is about children without parents who scrounge for food in an alley behind a restaurant, it is about men who returned home from a war to have their country turn away from them, it is about women who have turned to prostitution in order to eat and/or feed their children, the old man with Alzheimer's who doesn't know why he is there.

There are a lot of homeless folks who want to be out there. Whether they are protesting in some way or just can't handle civilized life any more, they just want to be left alone. BUT, for those who are packed into shelters who DON'T want to be there, they are the ones in need of our humanitarian aid. They are not out in the intersection pan handling, they are not begging for money, they are searching for ways to get back on their feet. They WANT to work. They WANT to earn a living and pay their own way and support their families. SO, where is the George Clooney telethon for them? Where are the PBS infomercial explaining their plight? It is plain to see that our government run media outlets are not showing those stories. Granted it is not world news, but it should be in the public eye and, in my opinion the media and the government are to blame for that.

Humanitarian aid is a good thing, don't get me wrong. But look at it like this; If you are on hard times and work is slow and you or your spouse is out of work. With each paycheck you fall a little deeper in debt, but you are still managing to keep your head above water...barely. Now, someone you know from work or a neighbor from down the street asks you for a hundred bucks...what do you tell them? They are not family or a close friend, just someone you know. You know they need it, and you want to help...what do you do? I know what I would do...I would look them right in the eyes and tell them the truth. Tell them "I want to help you, but I just can't afford it right now!" Now, take a look at our U.S. economy and imagine the Haiti and everyone else that "expects" the U.S. to come running to them with handfuls of cash and free labor is that person asking for money you worked hard for or saved to pay bills with. We just need to tell them "Sorry, we just can't afford it right now"

Now, about giving away money, food, building materials, etc.. I have no problem with people giving money and aid to Haiti. I do have a problem the government giving MY money to them. Charitable giving should be up to the individual. I should have a say where MY charitable dollars go. All of these "freebies" that are heading for Haiti are coming out of my pocket, and I was not asked if I wanted my charitable dollar going to Haiti. Can I write that off as a charitable donation when I file my taxes this year?

The government should not be telling us who gets our tax dollar. I say that we should be able to dictate where each of our own tax dollars go. When we file our taxes each year we should get a check off sheet with a list of where taxes need to go. With that, a number or percentage of our income that we owe in taxes. From there WE check the boxes from the list where we want each of our dollars to go. That way everyone pays there taxes and no one has to support something they feel is wrong. When something on the list isn't being funded enough to continue then we know that no one wants to supports it, and it should be eliminated.

Friday, December 18, 2009

International aid??

You know it is wonderful some of the games on faceBook have partnered with groups to feed hungry children...but why Haiti and Cameroon? Why not New York City...East Los Angeles... Detroit? The people in OUR country need help and the focus is on someone else. When do the people living in our streets matter? In every city across the country you can see a news clip or article in a news paper bitching about the homeless population rising and spilling into the city streets, and in the same breath try to figure out a way to get rid of them. I see a constant flow of commercials to help needy people and children in other countries, but I have never seen a commercial to raise money to help our own needy citizens. Do you think there are counties out there promoting programs to feed our homeless children?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Society Compared To Marriage

I was just thinking about how our government is acting or reacting to the people pushing back on a lot of the bills and such that are being introduced lately. I have come to the realization that the government vs. the people, as is going on right now strongly resemble the husband vs. the wife in a marital tiff.

Imagine this scenario; One spouse, at the end of the day throws off their cloths and tosses them into a pile on the floor. Not even attempting to make it into the hamper. The next morning the other, thinking nothing of it, just picks them up and puts them into the hamper. The next day, the same thing. Years go by and this is really starting to wear on the one picking up after the other. Since the cleaner never mentions this (out loud) to the tosser, it just continues to slide by as accetable. Finally, the cleaner has had enough and says "hey, you have to stop throwing your cloths on the ground!". Caught off guard and now a little peeved by the scolding, the tosser ignores the cleaner. This continues until an all out argument ensues. Now even more upset at the cleaner for changing the rules out of the blue, the tosser now decides to not only throw their cloths on the ground but now spread them around the room, just because. More head to head battles break out and other issues begin to pop up. One leaves dirty dishes laying around, one leaves the seat up, now someone drank the last of the milk and the other didn't replace the toilet paper roll. And now...divorce. It didn't have to come to that. What started out as a minor problem that could have been prevented by communication at the beginning escalated to the point of no return. This issue is not one or the others fault, but the fault of both sides. If the cleaner had said something sooner instead of letting it go until there was a blow up, they could have made it work. Then again had the tosser realized that all it would take is a little effort on their part to understand what the cleaner was asking for, they could have made it work.

Now if you go back and insert "the government" in place of "the tosser" and "the people" in place of "the cleaner"; change the cloths, toilet seat, and dishes for health care reform, climate change, and immigration, you have a marriage of a larger scale...on the verge of divorce!

This has gone on for to many years. The people sitting by silent while the government runs the show. Now that the people are speaking up, the government is getting pissed off and throwing their cloths around the room. One of two things is about to happen. either the government is going to start listening to the people and start working things out...or we are getting a divorce!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A true Conservitive

This day In 2008, Barack Obama, a Democratic U.S. senator from Illinois, was elected president of the United States. With that said...This day In 1980, Republican Ronald Reagan was elected the 40th U.S. president in a landslide victory over incumbent Jimmy Carter.

If ever there was a reason to bitch about an "inherited" anything, try standing in Ronald Reagan's shoes on January 1st 1981. Jimmie Carter put the hurt on this country like no one had ever seen before. Granted Herbert Hoover made his mark, but we are still suffering from Carters run in the office. But, did Reagan bitch, whine and complain about how horrible things were and that "Carter left me with a big ole mess to clean up"? Hell No! He pulled up his boot straps and got to that is. Not flying around the world whining to other countries that America has been bad and I am sorry you had to deal with that. Not acting like a child pitching hissy fits when he doesn't get his way. Not spending his entire first year creating new problems instead of going heads up what "he inherited". [interesting note; it took 200 years to get the National debt where it was when Obama "inherited" it. It took him five months to double it.]

They say everything comes around full circle. I truly hope that is the case. That being so, we are in store for a rough three more years of Barrack Obama and his horrible idea of what America should be and who it should be for. If today's elections around the country are any indication, we are at least on our way in the right direction. In the 2010 elections we will see a lot more conservatives filling the congressional seats that have, for too long, been occupied by greedy and corrupt ingrates, both democrat and Republican alike. And by 2012, the stage will be set to take our country back from the thugs that have stolen it from us. I say they stole it, but in actuality it is kind of like the pie cooling in the window. We took our fresh out of the oven liberty and sat it in the window to cool. And because we trusted our neighbors, (government) we took our eyes off of it to go about our daily chores and they took it from us.

I truly hope that 2012 brings us "A True Conservative" to take the Presidency back for the people. Be it Sara Palin, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, or whoever steps up between now and then. We need someone with the same heart and soul that Ronald Reagan ran this country with...I want my pie back!